Beguelin Houriet



The Houriet Family have been involved in high grade watch industry as far back as the 1760's. That's right, I said 1760's!!  




Key Wind Key Set (from the rear)




"Fine Silver" Heavy Triple Hinged Hunter Case  

Most pocket silver "color" watch cases are chrome plated, made from silver "colored" nickel, or white gold filled. Of the few watch cases that are REAL silver,,, they are either Coin Silver (.800 fine), or occasionally Sterling Silver (.925 fine) Silver. "Fine Silver" is pure silver and is 99.99 all Fine Silver and is practically never seen in watches!      





The case back has a hand engraved depiction of Davey Crockett








Full American 16 Size, or 51.75mm

(Not Measuring the Sleeve, Stem, Knob or Bow).





High Grade of its day Hand made "Bar Ebauche", with "Wolf's Teeth" winding gear (like used by other high grades such as Patek & Vacheron) key-wind, key-set, Full Jeweled (15), Patent Lever Escapement




Absolutely OUTSTANDING MINT condition 100% All Original porcelain dial with NO hairlines!!




This Classic timepiece comes with a short chain and the proper key to wind & set the watch




Why take a chance buying watches from online auctions, 3rd parties, brokers or "middlemen" not knowing for sure if the watch will be in proper running order when you get it?  Buy direct from a Vintage & Classic timepiece specialist and play it SAFE!




CIRCA: "Pre-Civil War"

aprox. 1820-1850's




This is the type of timepiece that Watch Collectors, Antique Dealers, History Buffs  and Civil War Re-enactors are clamoring to locate. This piece of history should not last very long!





Excellent  Overall Condition!!


$388. + S/H



Item # P3666-CGR




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